House of Friendship / Henry B. King Medical Brigade

We are a medical/dental brigade serving the sick poor of Honduras. Our mission is to provide free care and medical supplies to all in need. We offer examinations and arrange to provide follow up care for those in need through the work of the School Sisters of Notre Dame and the employees of the House of Friendship who work in the country. We work to the highest ethical standards while ensuring that we do no harm to our patients.

We strive to treat the whole person, offering care and compassion, small gifts of soap, shampoo, other toiletries, and toys, along with friendship.

Our mission also encompasses education for our young brigade members.  They serve as aides and translators, working in several different areas of the brigade in order to learn about the struggle of the poor in Third World countries and how they can make a difference. Also, they are encouraged to share what they have learned with others.

One of our goals is to collect donated medical supplies and medical devices to increase the availability of resources to our medical professionals. We solicit companies in the medical field, medical supplies distributors, local area hospitals and any other medical organizations to help in our effort.

Please e-mail us at Copprome@gmail.com us for more information about our Spring 2015 brigade.